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  1. Making A Difference In How You Live!
Things You Dont Really Think of When Buying a House
Friday, August 21st 2015 4:25 pm

Even some of the most experienced home buyers can learn a thing or two when it comes to purchasing a new home. Just when you think you have thought of everything, you will find you missed a few things.

For instance, what would be the importance of the location of the laundry room? One place that I can remember clearly was a three story townhouse right on the water with a pool. Exquisite place, however when you walked in the front door, the first floor was a laundry room, a bathroom and a pullout couch! Not a real attractive first impression.

Got Kids?

If you have children, make sure that you have checked out the neighborhood to see if there is a nearby park and what the schools are like in the area. Look for an area in the home that can be a dedicated playroom. This will keep the amount of toys in the other rooms of the house down to a minimum and give the kids a place that they can call their own.

Neighborhood Associations

If you find a place in a nice neighborhood, make sure you check to see if there is a Neighborhood Association and if there is, check out their rules. Some Neighborhood Association rules can be pretty strict about things such as signs on vehicles, length of the grass, pets and/or having flags on your property.

Noise Control

Think about noise control. You may think it's a great idea to purchase a home near the school so that it is close enough for the kids to walk, until the High School Marching Band starts playing in celebration for the first football game of the season. Look for railroad tracks, nearby car race tracks, airports and interstates.

Living Space

How big is the living space? It may be awesome to purchase a 4,000 square foot home until you set up your house warming party and find there is no room to entertain guests because your master bedroom is actually bigger than the living room. Make sure that the rooms are proportionate to what they will be used for.

Window Location

Ever think of the location of the windows in the living room? A huge east facing picture window would not be so bad during the winter months, but what about July when all that heat comes pouring into your living room and cooking you like a Thanksgiving Turkey? Not so comfortable anymore...

I hope these tips can give you a little something extra to think about while you are out house hunting this season and you can add a few more things into your bank of knowledge!