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    Robert Underwood, Broker - Real Estate Agent

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    Wednesday, June 17th 2020 2:43 pm
    We worked with Robert Underwood with Triwood realty when we were selling our fathers house after his passing. It was a very tough time and a delicate situation for my sister and I. Robert was so wonderful throughout the whole process and made it much easier and pleasant than we’d expected! He was very knowledgeable, insightful and had a wonderful way of sharing his expertise without pushing any kind of agenda. He was very flexible and wanted to make sure our wishes for the home were met. We had multiple offers on the house and he was very helpful in assisting us to navigate through our options. Neither my sister nor myself had ever sold a house before and he was very patient with us and answered our thousands of questions happily. We ended up having a bit of a bidding war over the house n got over-asking within a week or so of the house being on the market! We’re happy to see our dads house go into the right hands and also relieved that we got a good sale. I highly recommend this company- whether you’re new or a regular investor, these guys will bend over backwards to meet your needs.
    Wendy M.
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